Pro Argi 9 Alternative MS Therapy

Hi everyone! If you clicked upon this site, you are probably looking for an alternative MS treatment. Perhaps you are currently taking an injectable ms treatment such as the ms drugs Avonex and Capaxone. I have tried both of these ms treatments but I couldn’t tolerate the side effects.

I am currently planning to get CCSVI for ms. If you haven’t been keeping up on ms news, CCSVI is also called liberation therapy. What is ms CCSVI? It is a procedure designed to remove blockages in veins that bring blood from the head back to the heart. One of the goals of CCSVI is to improve blood flow through the veins.

I think of ProArgi9 Plus as one of my alternative treatment multiple sclerosis. ProArgi-9 Plus contains l-arginine, an amino acid proven to improve blood flow. I have been taking a daily Pro Argi 9 Plus arginine dosage every day for a year. I have also been researching the alternative ms liberation procedure. It is interesting to me that many ms patients and doctors believe that impaired blood flow may be an ms cause or complicating factor.

There is currently a lot of ms research studying the role of circulation and iron deposits in multi sclerose.

I am certainly not recommending that anyone suffering from ms symptoms discontinue their ms therapies, whatever they may be. I just want to share the news about Pro Argi9 Plus. I feel so much better since starting a Pro Argi 9 Plus alternative ms treatment.

To order ProArgi9 Plus today, visit or call 801.822.3269 TO SAVE UP TO 60%!!

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